Short Guide About The Benefits And Side Effects Of Methandrostenolone

Methandrostenolone is usually referred to as Dianabol or D-Bol for short. It is a steroid that’s designed to enhance hormonal activity in the body. D-Bol can be taken orally or it can be injected. It has been around since the 50s and it is very popular amount athletes, bodybuilders and those looking to pack on muscle mass.

Women shouldn’t take D-Bol because it was specifically made for men. With that said, here are the benefits, side effects and information about Methandrostenolone.


People buy Methandrostenolone because of its benefits. However, you have to eat properly and exercise regularly if you want to experience the full potential of D-Bol. If you eat properly and exercise, then you’ll gain a lot of bulk. Best of all, it will be lead muscle mass and not body fat.

Another benefit is it increases strength. Power-lifters and bodybuilders turn to D-Bol when they need a boost in strength. Bodybuilders usually take it during the bulking phase or during the off-season, while power-lifters take it leading up to a contest. However, people who workout and want to get bigger and stronger will sometimes take D-Bol because it’s one of the quickest ways to do it.

In short, Dianabol is great for bulking purposes and for the purpose of gaining strength. However, there’s a few side effects associated with it. Those negative effects will be discussed in the next section.

Side Effects

The steroid has many benefits, but it can cause quite a few side effects. Some of the minor negative effects include body and facial acne and baldness. It can cause other side effects that are more serious. Serious side effects include gynecomastia or breast development in men.

High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels can be caused by D-Bol. The steroid can cause your body to retain excess water. This means you may look like you’re carrying more water weight and won’t look as defined as you should look.

Those are a few of the potential effects. The only way to avoid unwanted effects associated with the drug is to stay far away from them.


The dosage a user takes depends on various factors. Generally speaking, you take one D-Bol tablet daily or take a 10mg pill once every 12 hours. It’s important to get professional advice before you take it. Better yet, you should use real D-Bol to begin with because it can do more harm than good.

Trying to find methandrostenolone for sale is difficult because it’s illegal to have and use without a prescription. Plus, it’s rarely prescribed to patients these days and buying it on the black market is too risky. Lucky for you, there are legal steroids on the market, including legal D-Bol. Supplements that are designed to mimic the effects of real methandrostenolone are called D-Bol alternatives or legal D-Bol supplements.

If you want to bulk up and gain a tremendous amount of strength, then purchase legal D-Bol today. You will get results within the first few weeks of starting your cycles.

Is It Safe To Use Anabolic Steroids?

People who are looking for different types of body building supplements, including anabolic steroids to rapidly increase their muscle mass as well as to burn down their extra fat, are often concerned about the safety of using such stuff, given the fact that the law prohibits the storing and consuming of such drugs. Apart from this fact, it also provides the user with an unfair advantage over his rivals in sporting events, permitting him to win events that they normally would not have been able to. A brief search of the net will provide enough reading material stating that the anabolic steroid and other such drugs are extremely dangerous, to the extent that they can cause heart attacks and cancer if used over extended periods. Yet, there is no decline in the sale of these steroids. Who uses such drugs and why do they use them after realizing the possible consequences?

The users of anabolic steroids

One can broadly segregate the users of this steroid in two broad categories.
• Athletes who want to improve their endurance and stamina so that they can easily defeat their adversaries. They know that the authorities hosting such events will ban them from taking part in the sport they specialize in for extended periods, depending on the degree of their offence, if they test positive for steroids during routine urinal tests. This includes professional weightlifters and bodybuilders too. However, they keep on using one brand or the other of anabolic steroid to gain an advantage over the other participants.
• Normal individuals who want to reduce their body fat and develop rippling muscles quickly with the minimum of effort. Such individuals form around 90% of the people who use of anabolic steroids. They do so when they realize that they are not succeeding in their attempt to achieve a fat free and muscular body through normal exercises. This is typical of people aged above 30 whose testicles no longer produces testosterone, a hormone that enhances the fat burning and muscle building capability of the body.

Warning: Irrespective of the class of people you belong to, you should never take this synthetic version of testosterone beyond the specified dosage, as it can be detrimental for your health.