5 Tips For Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the most challenging problems for the modern man and woman. In the past, men and women used to work a lot, in the fields, in the house, and elsewhere, which exercised them. The modern lifestyle is much more sedentary, which makes us do much less physical work. The result is that we start to gain weight over time. And since the weight gain is due to lifestyle, losing weight without changing the lifestyle is very hard. We bring you five tips that will help you lose weight, and keep it away.

1. Keep a Food Diary

A food diary is a diary where you note down whatever you eat for a week. You should make a habit of noting down your breakfast, lunch and dinner timings and the foods you eat. You should also note down the snacks you eat, such as any hotdogs or burgers you may eat between the meals, when out with friends. Having such a diary will help you understand your diet, so that you can start to cut back on the foods that you can avoid. This will also help you realize what are all the dressings, drinks, spreads, sauces, and snacks that you eat, which you can cut back on. Snacks and foods such as these can be the difference between weight loss and weight gain.

2. Stick to Water Rather than Drinks

Studies have found that the average American consumes about 250 calories a day by taking drinks such as soft drinks. That amounts to more than 90,000 calories a year, or about 25 pounds of weight! You can avoid the pitfall of consuming such calories by taking water whenever you want to drink something. If you make it a habit to drink water, you can easily lose up to 25 pounds in a year.

3. Watch Less TV

Studies have found that the more people watch TV, the more they end up gaining weight. This is partly due to the fact that people often eat snacks when they watch tv. Rather than watching TV, you should go out for a walk.

4. Don’t Buy Prepared Food

Foods that have fructose, sugar, or corn syrup among their major ingredients are the kinds of prepared foods that you should just stop buying. You can easily find alternative foods that do not have such ingredients. If you can’t find an alternative, then buy some fruits. You can also find sugar-free alternatives or varieties of foods such as salad dressings and ketchups. Prepared foods such as these will add more calories to your bodies, without giving you any satisfaction when it comes to satiating your hunger.

5. Serve Less Food

Rather than serving the regular sized meals, you should aim to serve less food when you sit to have your meals. You can also do replace your regular sized dinner plates for smaller plates. So rather than using your regular 14 inch sized plates, you can start to use 10 inch plates. These small steps will help you lose weight too.